Tik Tok Tips to get more likes

Tik Tok Tips to get more likes- Tip Number 4

It is easy for Famous and beautiful people to get likes and lots of followers, but what if you are just a regular person. Watch my video – Tik Tok Tips to get more likes- Tip Number 4 to get an idea on how regular people like us can still get likes on Tik Tok.

Will you believe me If I told you that below average person can get more likes and followers than regular people? I know it is hard to believe me, Average people like us really need to put on some effort to get noticed in the social media world.

So what do we need to do to improve our Tiktok Views and Follows?

TikTok duets allows you to make one shared video via the app itself with another tiktok users. If you manage to find another Tiktoker with a big audience and make a very good video with him, there is a good chance that a certain percentage of his audience will start following you! A great duet video on Tiktok also has a big chance of getting featured on the app, thus, bringing in even more views and new followers! Thousands of users of the app make duets on a daily basis, but many of them fail because of multiple reasons.

In most cases, there are two main problems that lead to 0 positive results when making a duet. The first problem is that people tend to make a duet, when both of them have just 100 followers each. When making a duet, it is important to have unique content, but also, to have a duet with a social media influencer that has a bigger following than you. If for example you have 100 followers, and decide to make a duet with a tiktoker that has 1,000 followers on his account, you can easily double your followers by making just one duet with that bigger influencer!

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