Graphics for business presentation

If you are not using Graphics for business presentation, then the probability that your presentation is going to be boring is high.

Maybe you already knew that graphics can greatly improve your presentation. The problem is you don’t know how to do it. Or, maybe you’ve been hearing about the importance of using graphics in your presentation but you have no idea what kind of visuals to use.

Graphics are magical. An image with a bit of text can make your point better than a slide full of bullet points will. Visuals are magic because they help your audience to pay attention, understand, remember the information you shared with them.

Why should you use Graphics for business presentation

It saves time

Did you know that Flash cards are cost-effective? As far as study materials are concerned. That is because it is visual.  The faster you send the message to someone, the more time you can save.

Graphics for business presentation
Graphics for business presentation
Graphics for business presentation

A picture speaks 1,000 words. The quote can also mean that pictures can make other people understand more quickly than reading a lot of text and information.

On the presenter’s side

If you are going to do a business presentation, what is easier? Typing thousands of words to deliver your message or creating a visual that can explain those 1000 words in 1 picture?

Graphics are also cheat guides when making a presentation, looking at the visual that you have made can easily tell you what to discuss next.

Graphics in business presentation Catches  attention

Did you know that the average human attention has fallen from 12 seconds (year 2000) to eight seconds (present day).

If your presentation is boring and lousy, do you think people will remember what you have told them after the presentation?

Getting people’s attention is so hard these days. Almost everyone has a smart phone that they can play the second they got bored.

It is our responsibility as a presenter to keep our audience involved. Our brains prefer visuals over text. Too much text on your slides and you’re encouraging people to look at their phones or fall asleep. 

So if you think that you can do a successful presentation without using graphics or visuals, think again.

Website and graphics design
Website and graphics design
Graphics and website design

Images send message better

If your slides have so many text that your audience doesn’t even want to read, how will they understand the topic? That is why learning from You tube is much more fun and easy. You tube creators makes sure that their videos are full of visuals that can help their audience learn and absorb things faster

Graphics are easier to remember

If your audience doesn’t understand the information you share, how is it going to stick in their memory. Or, worse, what they have remembered is incorrect because they couldn’t follow along with your presentation.

Studies shows that the combination of a good graphics and a bit of text increases the chances of information making it to long-term memory.

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